• WOOD STAINER is a natural wood finish stainer from WEMBLEY PAINTS. Its enables staining of wood to a color of your choice that adds beauty to your woodwork while retaining its aesthetic natural appeal. It is available in a wide range of shades. Wood Stainer is a solvent based dies, which offers excellent transparent shades, better durability and uniform finish. It applies easily, absorbs deep into the pores of the wood.
  • Viscosity : 30 - 50 Seconds in 50% N.C. Thinner.
  • Drying : Touch dry : 02 Minutes, Tack Free : 30 Minutes, Hard dry : 02 Hours
  • Recommended Thinner Wembley- Nitro Cellulose Thinner
  • No. of Coats : 1-2 Coats.
  • Theoretical Covering Capacity : 170 to 190 Sq. Ft. Per Ltr. Per Coat on Well Smooth Prepared Surface.