Wembley T.T Clear

  • Wembley's T.T clear wood finish is a high quality nitro- cellulse based quick drying clear lacquer. It is recommended for interior wooden furniture. Use wembley NC clear wood finish to get either a glossy finish or matt finish. Wembley NC sanding sealer required to apply before top coat i.e. T.T clear.
  • Area of application spray.
  • Method of application spray.
  • Spray viscosity 18 - 20 sec. on ford cup at 30*c temp & pressure of 30-40 p.s.i (2.2 to 2.8kg/cm2). Recommended wembley NC thinner.
  • Number of costs : 1 to 2 coasts of wembley NC sanding sealer followed by 2 to 3 coats of wembley NC clear (Glossy / matt finish), as required.