Wembley Sanding Sealer

  • Wembley's sanding sealer is an excellent semi gloss quick-dying sanding sealer which renders very outstanding filling properties without hiding the grains of wood.
  • Field of application:- Wembley nitro-cellutone sanding sealer is used for sealing, the wood pores and make the surface smooth, prior to apply wembley T.T clear or wembley,s melamine at all types of wood.
  • Wembley nitro-cellutone sanding sealer is well suited for every type of wooden furniture. House hold articles, Antique furniture, asa well as office furniture.
  • Drying Time : Touch dry 5 minutes.
  • Thinner : wembley - Nitro-cellutone Thinner.
  • Specific Gravity : Approximately 0.96
  • Solid Contents : Approx 40% +_% by weight.