• WELCOAT NC SHADES from WEMBLEY PAINTS is a form of finish which is harder than Wood polish, and is used to give a colored shiny, glossy finish for furniture. Nitrocellulose Shades is a combination of rich solvents which helps in thinning the paints to desired viscosity. It also accelerates the flow ad smoothen the film. It protects the film. It can be applied on various surfaces: doors, tables, chairs, frames, rails, banisters, baseboards, furniture, etc.
  • Viscosity : 30 - 50 Seconds in 50% N.C. Thinner.
  • Drying : Touch dry : 20-25 Minutes, Tack Free : 60 Hours, Hard dry : Overnight
  • Recommended Thinner Wembley- Nitro Cellulose Thinner
  • No. of Coats : 1-2 Coats.
  • Theoretical Covering Capacity : 170 to 190 Sq. Ft. Per Ltr. Per Coat on Well Smooth Prepared Surface.