• WHITE SOLVENT THINNABLE PRIMER from WEMBLEY PAINTS is suitable for use as a primer for masonry topcoats like distemper, emulsions, luster and matt wall finishes. It helps in providing a suitable surface for application of subsequent coats of putty and finish paint. It is best for masonry, brick work and asbestos surface. It is free from any heavy metal like lead, mercury and chromium. It is alkali resident primer
  • No. of Coats : 1-2 Coats
  • Viscosity : 180 - 200 Seconds
  • Drying : Touch dry : 40 Minutes, Tack Free : 1 Hours and 30 Minutes, Hard dry : Overnight
  • 170 to 190 Sq. Ft. Per Ltr. Per Coat on Well Smooth Prepared Surface.