Wembley's Melamine

  • Wembley's Melamine is an acid curing premium quality catalyzed clear coating. This is a specially formulated product designed for customized choice for long lasting protection for decorative purpose. It has excellent resistance to oil, food and beverages stains. protects wood for years and maintain its natural beauty.
  • Method of application : Spraying.
  • Maxing Ratio : wembley melamine base 90 parts by volume.
  • wembley melamine hardener 10 parts by volume..
  • Wembley thinner 20-30 Patrs by volume.
  • No. of Coats : 1 cost of melamine sanding sealer followed by 2-3 coats of wembley melamine clear, Glossy Matt, Satin as required.
  • Drying : At 30*C touch dry 5 minutes, Tack free 2 hours, sanding dry 5-6 hours. hard - dry by overnight.