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Water Based Wood Coating Manufacturers

The Wembley series of Water Based Wood Coating Manufacturers represent a breakthrough in coatings technology where it is now possible to replace and exceed conventional solvent-based paints in terms of specific performance parameters. Unlike traditional water-based systems, the Wembley Water Based Wood Coating consists of modified polysiloxane resin that imparts excellent hardness, water resistance leveling and gloss to the resultant dry film.

The wembley water-based wood coating match solvent-based lacquers in terms of drying / curing ability and the former is actually superior in terms or water resistance. Dry films of the Wembley Water Based Wood Coating canresist boiling water for prolonged periods of exposure without blushing. In addition, the Wembley water based wood coating can overcome the problem of grain rising that in typical of water based coating on wooden substrates. Wembley cures at ambient temperature & does not require additional heat curing.

Technical Data/Directions For Use:

Eco-friendly wood coating.

low VOC (Voltage Organic Content)

No harmful content like mercury & lead

Break through technology from conventional solvent coatings.

Cleanup with water.

Long lasting.

Water resistant

Odor less

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