Ployurethane (P.U.)

Wembley's polyurethane (P.U.) interior and exterior is a quality product which is specially formulated for the protection of your wood for years and give it a royal finish.

Technical Data/Directions For Use:

Direction for use : Applicatuion of Wembley P.U. Finish coat.

Mix the base and hardener in 4:1 ratio by volume.

Thin it can 15% to 30% of Wembley p.u. thinner.

Allow for maturation for 30 minutes.

Spray wembley p.u. sealer and allow to dry for 8 hours.

Smooth the surface with emery paper no. 320 or 400.

Apply second coat of wembley P.U. sealer, allow drying for 12 hours.

Smoth the surface with emery paper no. 320 or 400 now the surface is ready for application for wembley P.U. clear top coat (Available in matt and glossy finish).

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