Top 10 Paint Companies in India

Wembley's Melamine

Highgloss, Excellent Outdoor durability, European technology

Top 10 Paint Companies in India

Wood Stainer

Gives color to the wood of your choice without hiding the natural texture of the surface.

Top 10 Paint Companies in India

PU High Gloss Clear

Excellent nc based surface for the surface prepration.

Top 10 Paint Companies in India

Wood Fillers

Fills the joints & Holes of the wood excellent grip and filling properties.

Top 10 Paint Companies in India

Paint Remover

For recoating at any surface like wood, metal one need not scratch / scrape the coating.

Wembley's Epoxy Putty

This epoxy based putty like buttery paste for a durable filling and leveling.


Wembley Paints & chemicals established in 1961 with a dream of making the life of common man COLORFUL. With the design & development today the company is proud to be the leading manufacturer in wood coating in the northern india. Thanks to the present dynamic management which took over in 1993. The company has attained the status of pioneer & leader in the wood coating industry. We are achieving 20% growth rate annually and presently aspiring to achieve the zenith with up-Gradation in technology in wood coating segments such as Melamine, P.U., Stainers, Thinner, Polyester, Epoxy, Acrylic Emulsions and new range of water base wood coatings & Decorative interior & exterior paints for wall finishes.

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